The Weather, in Royston

February 2024

Wet and Warmish

In February 2024 the rainfall was 72mm, the highest since 2014 which was 76mm

An average temperature of 8.5 may not seem high but it is the highest I’ve recorded in Sun Hill

Review of 2023

Little changes mean a lot

Average annual changes in temperature are not very large but we all now know the impact of these small changes on the world.
At 11.8C the average temperature for 2023 is not the highest seen but the dotted line shows the upward trend in Royston since 2010

The highest temperature seen in Royston was 40.2C in 2022. The value for 2023 is 33.7C but the trendline is upwards.

The rainfall of 532.2mm in 2023 was the highest seen since 2015

Review of 2022

2022 - a real record-breaker!

• Hottest year in Sun Hill records (and ever in met office records)
• Highest ever temperature
• Most hours of sunshine since recorder installed 7 years ago
• Coldest December in last 10 years
• Driest year in last 10 years

Record temperature for Royston

40.2C at 14:41 Tuesday July 19th

Another new record high temperature for Royston.

The July 2019 record of 39.0C beaten at 17:49 on July 18th 2022 the highest temperature measured in Royston was 39.2C.
It was a hot night following the record breaking day with the temperature not dropping below 23.6C - another record.

News Page gets a makeover

Welcome to the new look News page

The Sun Hill weather site is now over twelve years old and the Development Officer thought it time to update the look of the site, starting with News page.

A wider space is available for the posts along with easier navigation between posts. It is also allegedly much easier to use than the old code-it-in-HTML system and it may well be when I can fathom how to use it.

Rain is back after 25 days

On May 4th there was 7.8 mm of rain after 25 dry days. This is almost as much as fell in the whole of April - 9.9 mm

By the end of April 2022 Royston was down by 50 mm compared with an average year’s rainfall total for January to April, a whole month’s rain.

Yet another mystery downpour explained

A mystery downpour for 21 October 2021 is really delayed rain from 20 October 2021.
Removing rubbish from the rain collector released a rush of rainwater.
So 20th and 21st should read 23.4 and 3.4 mm (not 11.4 and 15.4).
The weather station has been given a good wash and brush-up.

June 21 dryish and warmish

Despite the cold and wet of the last week the month, as a whole June was above
the recent average for temperature at 17.1C and below average rainfall despite
one day of downpour. The rainfall was 32.2 mm, about two-thirds of an average